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  • Shree Deewan Singh Public School, Titawi was founded in 2005. It is a co-educational school with English as the medium of Instruction.

    The school is affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education, Delhi up to 10 + 2 level. The school is run on the lines of leading public schools of the country.

    It is situated at Titawi on Muzaffarnagar - Shamli Road with two acres of prime land in an aesthetically developed campus with lush green lawn & landscape, providing a child friendly environment. In a very short duration, the school has achieved a very high reputation in the society for providing quality education at affordable fees.

    The main aim of the school is to allow the students to grow to his/her full capability & become a complete human being with a high academic standard having a good, warm & resourceful personality.

    The School System Examination Testing & Evaluation:

    Emphasis on periodical testing & evaluation in the form of cyclist test & term examination. In other words our school is following the CCE pattern.

    Choice Of Streams AT + 2 Level:

    SCIENCE STREAM - PCM / PCB + English + Hindi / Ph. Ed. / Computer Science COMMERCE STREAM - English + Accounts + Economics + B.St. + Hindi / Ph. Ed. / Computer Science

    Student's Seminars:

    Career counseling seminars has been set up to make students aware about the upcoming career option & to promote option & creativity in career selection. Guiding students with respect for examination stress.

    Eco - Club :

    Sensitizing our young students to environment related issues is the main purpose of the school's Eco-Club. Organizing campaigns & rallies like - "Say No To Crackers", "Say No To Poly Bags", "Save Water" "Save Energy".

    Cultural Activities :

    Public speaking (Debate, Declamation, Recitation), Dance, Drawing & Painting, Flower making competition, Flower decoration competition, Art & Craft, Salad making competition, Greeting card making, Candle decoration, Christmas Tree decoration, Poster making, Rangoli, English rhyme, Fancy dress, Quiz - English / Hindi, Calligraphy etc.

    House System :

    The entire students from I to XII are divided into four house - Gandhi House, Nehru House, Subhash House & Tagore House to organize all types of competitions throughout the year. A House-Trophy is presented to the winner house of the session.

    Activities & Functions :

    The school celebrates various occasions & festivals. These celebrations are organized in different forms such as special assembly, cultural programs etc.

    Mathmetics - Club :

    The club's main aim is "We must love Mathematics to live Mathematics". We know Mathematics is involved everywhere starting from a cup of tea in the morning till the end of the day. Mathematical puzzles to develop reasoning & mental ability Model making competitions.

    Hold Science quizzes:

    Science exhibition Group discussion on Science topics

    Admission Test & Re-Admission:

    Children whose names are registered for admission will be required to appear for an admission test. The application form is to be accompanied by a - Birth certificate issued by Municipal Corporation (For Nur. & K.G. Section). T.C. & Character certificate from school last attended for other classes.

    In any case of re-admission of a student Rs. 500 will be charged as re-admission fee + due if any.

  • Rule 1

    Students should reach the school five minutes before the first bell.

    Rule 2

    The school will not be responsible for anything lost. Students are advised not to bring expensive articles to school.

    Rule 3

    No students will be allowed to leave the school premises during the class hours.

    Rule 4

    Any derange done by a pupil to building, library, furniture, apparatus. or any other school property will have to be compensated by their guardian/parents.

    Rule 5

    The homework assigned to the pupil by the teacher should be done regularly and systematically.

    Rule 6

    Students should be neatly dressed. The school uniform is to be worn every day and during all school functions.

    Rule 7

    Students are bound to obey their class-monitors.

    Rule 8

    Celebration of birthdays in school is strictly prohibited.

    Rule 9

    Every student is bound to follow the rules of the school.

    Rule 10

    Students are answerable to school authorities for their conduct inside and outside the school. Hence misbehavior at public places is enough for dismissal of a student from School. Students should observe polite standards wherever they go. They should always remember that the school is judged by their conduct.

  • something accomplished, especially by superior ability, special effort, great courage, etc.; a great or heroic deed: his remarkable achievements in art.

    Best college award 2000
    Best college award 2018
  • The facilities of a school impact the overall learning process as well as the mental and physical growth of the students. These also affect the academic performance of the student to some extent.

    Spacious Classroom

    Every classroom at our school is spacious, bright, ventilated and furnished with imported furniture that are ergonomically designed confirming to the standards specified for kids to develop the right posture and comfortably sit on for many days of their schooling. Each classroom is equipped with a smart board that comes with a host of interactive features, providing a very lively and enriching session between the students and the teacher. Also, each class session can be recorded allowing recaps for the next class. So no more messy black board and chalk dust.

    Composite Science Lab

    The School has a well equipped Composite Science Lab. This laboratory is well equipped to conduct experiments as per the syllabus of CBSE. The lab is periodically upgraded to fulfil the requirements of the curriculum. Students have facilities to perform experiments, to measure data and to analyse results so as to match their practical observations with theoretical knowledge. The Science lab also provides an open environment for students to experiment and do research work. Under the professional guidance and assistance given by our science teachers, students are also encouraged to exhibit their innovative powers by developing samples and models.


    A library is a collection of sources of information and similar resources, made accessible to a defined community for reference or borrowing. It provides physical or digital access to material, and may be a physical building or room, or a virtual space, or both.A library's collection can include books, periodicals, newspapers, manuscripts, maps, prints, documents.

    Modern Computer Lab

    Well-designed and separate computer labs for kids and older children, run by a well-educated and qualified faculty, with one-on-one access, which means there is one computer for each child. Pre ? primary kids learn words through PowerPoint presentations and innovative software. Technology plays a major role in twenty-first century education. The new model of integrating technology into the curriculum means that computers are on demand throughout the school day. Technology teachers and administrators face the task of developing a technology plan that makes the most effective and efficient use of the computer hardware available to them.

    Dance Room

    The school has a mesmerizing dance room where students are taught everything from folk dance, classical dance to western dance by highly qualified teachers.

    Music Room

    The space is divided into a classroom area and a performance area. It is equipped with an interactive whiteboard, sound system and wi-fi for direct streaming of music and music video clips. There is also a computer with internet access and music software for music notation, composition and sequencing.

    Sports Facilities

    sports and games curriculum is an integral and compulsory part of the education process. Sports help to build character and teach the importance of discipline in life. It inculcates a respect for rules and allows the participants to learn the value to self control.


    The school helps in making transport arrangements for the children explicitly on request from the parents. The parents are expected to co-operate with the school by ensuring that their children travelling in the buses & vans should report at the embanking points well in time, carry their identity cards with them & behave in a disciplined way in the interest of their own safety as well as the other users.

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R.K Mehra
Vice chencelor
R.K Mehra
Vice chencelor
R.K Mehra
Vice chencelor
R.K Mehra
Vice chencelor
R.K Mehra
Vice chencelor
R.K Mehra
Vice chencelor
R.K Mehra
Vice chencelor
R.K Mehra
Vice chencelor